Patient acquisition for dedicated treatments

Patient acquisition with the help of a landing page and online marketing

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    Patient enquiries for the All-on-4 treatment method
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    < 3.500€

The mission

Dr Aktas is one of the leading dentists and implantologists in the field of the All-on-4 method. As a pioneer, he has already dedicated his doctoral thesis to this treatment method and acts not only as an All-on-4 expert, but also as an author, speaker and trainer of other dentists. Together with Dr. Aktas, we want to explain the All-on-4 method to potential patients, show his special knowledge and experience in the field and set up the landing page in such a way that as many visitors as possible make a first appointment. It was particularly important that the advertising does not contradict the professional regulations of doctors and that patients are not given the impression of neediness.

Presentation of the advertised treatment method

Our approach

To attract a patient, we first need to understand what the reasons are for seeking treatment. To do this, we first develop so-called personas.

These are specific users who represent the needs of the target group and thus provide informed decisions when developing the approach. In order to develop these personas, a few conversations are necessary.
It is best if the doctor talks to us directly and together we define these personas. In addition to demographic characteristics, this also involves emotional leitmotifs, such as fear of treatments, feelings of shame or previous negative experiences, etc. The better we develop the personas, the better they will be. The better we develop the personas, the more targeted the advertising content will be.

At Techwerk, we have basically tested two approaches for generating patients. If the aim is to build up a patient base in general, or to expand it so that customers who have been acquired once keep coming back, we first advertise small services that can reach a broader spectrum of patients. This has the advantage that there is not a lot of wastage, as with the active promotion of a special treatment, but special treatments can also be promoted very well, especially if the doctor is an expert in this field. In the case of Dr. Aktas, the focus was clearly on promoting the special treatment, as the patient base for the daily treatments is already large enough and Dr. Aktas would like to focus more on performing the All-on-4 method.However, regardless of the treatment or service promoted, we usually use a landing page created specifically for this service and marketing geared towards it.

Interactive before and after photos

Our procedure

As mentioned earlier, we use a combination of a landing page and performance marketing for lead generation (i.e. collecting potential patients).

What is a landing page anyway?

A landing page is a dedicated web page to which a visitor is directed by clicking on an advertisement. This landing page is to be distinguished from the actual website, because a landing page is not there to describe a service offered down to the smallest detail. The aim of the landing page is to convince the visitor through the content on this page so that he acts and interacts. For this reason, we define the actual conversion goal in advance. Goals could be appointments for consultations, registrations for patient information evenings, requesting information brochures or direct appointment bookings.

But isn't it enough to simply promote the existing website?

No, we do not recommend this for two reasons. The first reason is that the normal websites of doctors are not conversion-optimised. This means that a website is not designed for the visitor to the site to take an action. The information pages on the websites usually give detailed information about the individual treatments and answer as many questions as possible for the visitor. Sometimes at the top of the page it says "make an appointment here", but that's the end of it. However, this is not the purpose of a conversion-optimised landing page. Through the targeted promotion of appropriate search queries, visitors are directed to the landing page who are most likely to be looking for this treatment. For this reason, the visitor does not first need to be told everything possible about a treatment, but rather the most important information must be provided in a targeted manner and a relationship of trust established. Therefore, we design each landing page individually according to treatment and the demands of future patients. The results of the personas play a role here.

With Dr. Aktas and the All-on-4 method, fear and self-esteem are decisive drivers for patients to opt for a quick and innovative treatment method. For this reason, it was important to clearly emphasise the suitability of Dr. Aktas and, at the same time, to show the patient, through photos of the doctor himself but also in direct contact with the patient, what a safe and pleasant atmosphere he is entering.

The first conversion goal of the landing page was to give the visitor the opportunity for a free consultation through the targeted integration of buttons and other click areas. This consultation can be initiated by telephone or via the contact form. The second goal of the landing page was to request a free information brochure. This is sent to the interested party by post and has a different effect than a website, especially with an older patient group. The third conversion target is the registration for a patient information evening, which not only enables the doctor to inform many patients at the same time, but also offers the visitor greater anonymity than in a direct face-to-face meeting.

The second reason why we advise against promoting the existing website is to track the effectiveness of the marketing measures. Landing pages can usually only be found through advertising and are not directly accessible through the actual website. This makes tracking and continuous improvement of the advertising easier and also makes it possible to test different versions, such as a different arrangement of content, of an otherwise identical website (A/B testing).

After the design has been approved and then developed, we start with the targeted marketing of the treatments. Here, too, we are in close exchange with the doctor, because there are different strategies to achieve the goal. As already mentioned, it is possible to reach more patients more cheaply by advertising more general treatments. These patients will then most likely stay with that doctor for a long time or forever. Since specific treatments have a higher margin, even higher marketing spends are profitable and worthwhile. However, the right strategy cannot be defined in general terms and must be evaluated individually from client to client.

We draw on a wealth of experience from several doctors, which is a decisive advantage when it comes to finding a strategy.

The fact that patient acquisition works in this way is demonstrated by the promotion of Dr Aktas' All-on-4 treatment method. Together, we were able to develop a measurable channel that not only acquires more patients, but also suitable patients for Dr. Aktas.

Should you also want to build up/expand your patient base and advertise targeted treatments, we are the right partner directly in Cologne. We look forward to getting to know you.

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