Bombardier Recreational Products

UX/UI design and development of BRP shop

  • Industry
    Vehicle manufacturer
  • Our task
    UX/UI design and development webshop
  • Budget
    20k - 30k€

Design and development of a BRP shop and connection to CSB

our Mission

Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) is a Canadian company that manufactures various land and water vehicles and their engines. BRP is mainly known for the Sea-Doo brand of jet skis. The task was to design and develop a new website for a BRP subsidiary. The website was also to include a webshop and, as a special feature, be linked to the merchandise management system used by CSB. The design requirements were to develop a new appearance for the modern and high-quality vehicles and to build a shop that increases the conversion rate.

our approach

Right from the start of this project, it was clear that the design and usability of the shop had to be of the same high standard. When developing the design, it was clear that we had to offer the future buyer an experience even before the order was placed. BRP's products are vehicles that arouse emotions. For this reason, the visual language and presentation of the products was the starting point. When presenting the products, it was important that the details of the vehicles could be found quickly, but that a clear structure was created at the same time.

our procedure

When developing shops and other websites, we first start by creating the design. Here we follow the mobile-first approach, because more than half of all website visitors use smartphones. Designs must therefore also function on a smartphone.

During the design presentation we go through the following steps with our customers

  1. Determine brand guide and understand product precisely
  2. define User Storys
  3. Define and outline user experience
  4. First design draft
  5. Get together und Evaluierung des Designs
  6. Possible change requests are implemented
  7. Creation of multiple variants for A/B tests if desired

After the design has been approved, the implementation starts. For larger projects, the development process begins in parallel with the design process to ensure the fastest possible completion. For the highest possible effectiveness, our designers and developers work hand in hand and this shows the advantage of being able to represent all the required competences in one agency.

For the implementation of shops, we mostly use the Shopify backend and implement custom designs there. In the case of BRP, however, another merchandise management system, CSB, was already used. We connected it by using the OBS interfaces.

The main challenge in this project was the connection of the merchandise management system to the developed design. After the development, we set up the new shop on the servers and carried out a staff training for the easy handling of the CMS tool.

Thanks to Techwerk, we were able to convince our customer of BRP's quality even before the first ride.
The new shop has increased our turnover by 28% and at the same time the questions about the products have decreased significantly.

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