Swedish Neo-Bank

UX/UI re-design and motion design

  • Industry
  • Our task
    UX/UI Design
  • Budget
    15k-25k €

Mobile Banking App

The mission

The task was clear. Banking must become sexy! A platform was needed that would set new standards both functionally and in terms of design. The app should be serious, luxurious, but also modern.

Our approach

After the first design sprint, it was clear that we were dealing with a complex product that had to be completely reinterpreted. The functions were already there from the old system, but we had to create a completely new framework.
Together with the client, we wrote user stories, i.e. defined functions that the future user of the platform should have. It was also important to get a common understanding of the future product. It was especially important for the project to make the use as intuitive as possible.
For this reason, we developed the design in such a way that the user sees all the important information at a glance, but can see further details in the deeper levels.

how we work

For the implementation of design assignments, we have developed a design sprint that enables effective collaboration with the client and at the same time achieves the best results and is a pleasure to implement. Our design sprint is structured in the following steps:
  1. Determine brand guide and understand product precisely
  2. Define User Storys
  3. User Experience and Interface design
  4. First design drafts
  5. Get together und Evaluierung des Designs
  6. Possible change requests are implemented
  7. Creation of multiple variants for A/B tests if desired
"The cooperation with Techwerk was excellent from the very beginning. All our requirements were met and, in addition, we were extremely well advised on the effect of colours and icons".
- Janis Larsson, CMO
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