🧬 NFTs


NFTs are digital certificates of ownership

a disruptive technology that offers new opportunities for businesses, lovebrands and communities.

By owning a non-fungible token, the product as well as ownership information and properties are immutably secured into a blockchain. In this way, the chronicle of previous owners can be identified at any time: The new type of digital ownership and the need for uniqueness and originality is increasing demand. We support companies, brands and communities in creating new communication and sustainable marketing opportunities.from conception to technical implementation, we realise your NFT project and accompany your first steps on the web3 🧬

1 - Planning and conception of NFT collections of campaigns and products.
We want to use blockchain technology to create sustainable and measurable added value for our audience, especially in lovebrands, communities and products where rarity and authenticity are important.
For the publishers of the NFT collection, the overriding question is: What is the long-term benefit of the NFT and what is the added value for the NFT owner?

What is the utulity behind this NFT?An NFT aims at the emotional belonging value and a new kind of ownership. It is the feeling of being part of the brand or community. There are various possible applications that we integrate into NFT campaigns, which become unique not only through technical implementation, but also with design, features and sustainable added value.
2 - technical development and design of Minting NFT Marketplaces <> d(centralized)Apps
In addition to technical know-how, we design unique NFTs together with our customers. From images, videos, GIFs and animation to avatar skins, we develop and create their unique NFT collection.
In particular, the expertise for royalties and smart contracts, from which NFT owners can profit in the long term, are among the essential features of an NFT. The so-called smart contract is a digital contract that defines the framework conditions for the buyer and seller of an NFT and can be used creatively.

With their decentralized app, loyal community followers can mine or create their NFTs. A DApp is an application built on a decentralised peer-to-peer blockchain. In this way, dApps store data and source code in a decentralised manner and make the application secure from centralised intervention.
3 - Strategy for sustainable NFT marketing
Blockchain technology, NFTs and cryptos are (still) fringe topics for many people. With our use cases for NFTs, we develop sustainable and understandable NFT marketing campaigns based on the latest NFT trends and our expertise in digital marketing.
The communication strategy and channels are therefore particularly important in order to address meaningful insights to the appropriate target group and to achieve the desired acceptance, comprehensibility and attention. Especially brands with a fan base, community, selling a highly frequented product, offering services or products that have a high customer lifetime value, should deal with the NFT technology and its application possibilities.

How can NFTs be used?

NFTs +

NFTs +
physical products

NFTs +
experience + physical products

NFTs from brands or corporates, can act as an entry ticket and give owners of these NFT collections access to exclusive events, concerts, seminars, events and clubs or offer other interesting utilities and make the ownership of the NFT more attractive to create unique experiences.
Corporates can publish and link NFTs in conjunction with physical products. This would mean that the physical product can only be traded in conjunction with the NFT. This ensures the authenticity of the product and the publisher of the NFT also participates in the secondary market through the royalty programme with 5-10% of the sales price.
The masterclass is to offer long-term benefits and added value with NFTs. Corporates can provide regular benefits to NFT owners in the form of access to exclusive events, as well as a right of first refusal on limited products and increase customer lifetime value. Especially as we spend more and more time in digital worlds, the need for digital ownership is growing.

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